General Information

1. Adult must supervise your Astro Jump at all times

2. As a precaution against injury, DO NOT ALLOW FLIPS

3. Compatible age groups should play in the Astro Jump at the same time. (ie: 4 year olds with 4 years olds, etc.)

4. Maximum number of jumpers depends on their age as follows:


The numbers vary with the larger combo units, slides and obstacle courses.


5. All jumpers must REMOVE SHOES and ALL SHARP OBJECTS

6. Absolutely NO FOOD, GUM, CANDY, DRINKS or FOREIGN ARTICLES allowed in the Astro Jump

7. No climbing on the inside or outside walls of the Astro Jump

8. All jumpers play at their own risk



Weather Policy


We understand that you can’t control the weather. If you need to cancel you must do so by 7:30 am the day of your rental at the latest. Of course there will be no penalty charge for this. Because you have the option of cancelling, if you decide to go ahead with the rental there will be no refund.


We reserve the right to cancel the reservation due to safety concerns, the potential for equipment damage, or other weather related risks.


Cancellation Policy


If you need to cancel your rental for any reason other than the weather, you must do so at least 24 hours in advance at the latest. There is no penalty for this. Thanks!


Where We Can Set Up Astro Jumps


Ideally we need to set up the Astro Jump on grass. This allows us to stake the unit into the ground so that it can not move when the children are jumping. Alternately, we can set up on a driveway or on asphalt, if it is flat, but you will need to provide a tarp for us to set up on. This saves wear on the bottom of the jumps. If possible we can butt the Astro Jump up to the grass and stake at least 2 of the corners down. Under no circumstances will we set up the jump on dirt, gravel, small rocks, etc.


If you are planning on setting up indoors please ensure you have the height clearance needed for your jump. A tarp is not necessary when set up indoors. Please remember if you are thinking of setting up in a garage that most garage door openers (the base that is inside your garage that actually opens the door for you) are lower than you think. You usually can not fit an Astro Jump inside a garage because of this.




Your Astro Jump rental must be paid for by cash or cheque only on delivery, to the drive




Astro Jump is licensed and insured. We carry general liability insurance that meets or exceeds the requirements for the Edmonton Public School Board and the City of Edmonton. As such, we are an approved vendor for the EPSB.